Tuesday, December 4, 2012

pass the mustard; or Please, no more context

for those not familiar with Stephen Burt's strategic takedown of the new-old charade that is Conceptual writing, "All the fun's in how you say a thing", I strongly recommend giving it an ear. if you have had the pleasure, may I recommend Brian Doyle's translation of the piece, titled "The poem is everything else except the lines on the page". Doyle's text reframes Burt's righteous ire against Dworkin & co., pillorying the silly and overstated value which conceptualism attributes to appropriative practices. Doyle even parodies the enthymemic gesture of an authorial exit, so cliché in the work of showy unoriginalists like Dworkin, Bök, Place et al. in this new, satiric context––let's call it the target language––, the intention of Burt's original source text is preserved and even amplified, ensuring that his piece will live on in its "age of Fame," or so Walter Benjamin. (see kids!) context doesn't really matter.

Some novelty. Take that, T.S. Eliot!

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