Sunday, July 11, 2010

Greater informational access=empowering.. and intractabilitating

I should return to this subject in the future, though it's apparent from the impatient glints of (often less than lucid) commentary on my part that a substantial interest in blogging has never skyrocketed. But I (also apparently) like making excuses, whether or not they are needed. My second round GRE is in two days, so I'll let the reader's encounter with the report do its own thing... That sounds socially-beneficial, right?

Computers at Home: Educational Hope v. Teenage Reality

The bewildering question, I think, isn't, "who didn't think One Laptop Per Child would nourish mind-capital for the respectively less informed," but rather, "what does this make (to outsiders) of the freedom of information philosophy we so dearly pride against a hyper-regulatory inaccess paranoia a la Beijing?"

-“there was no evidence linking technology immersion with student self-directed learning or their general satisfaction with schoolwork.”

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