Saturday, July 21, 2012

On doing shit

shimmy text shimmy


the sound sounds
the word words
the form forms
the pitch pitches
the look looks
the shine shines
the bellow bellows
the yawn yawns
the sigh sighs
the hear hears
the matter matters
the wish wishes
the swell swells
the shock shocks
the blow blows
the bust busts
the wind winds
the throb throbs
the well wells
the steam steams
the sail sails
the boil boils
the rail rails
the wait waits
the plea pleas
the trust trusts
the wander wanders
the flame flames
the welcome welcomes
the mire mires
the gird girds
the rapture raptures
the wring wrings
the sing sings
the rub rubs
the fallow fallows
the sire sires
the rule rules
the sand sands
the hide hides
the time times
the prowl prowls
the fend fends
the shirk shirks
the find finds
the lust lusts
the sham shams
the wile wiles
the prod prods
the reel reels
the cry cries
the haunt haunts
the jinx jinxes
the fell fells
the dress dresses
the wound wounds
the guest guests
the rein reins
the rime rimes
the wrest wrests
the game games
the guile guiles
the yell yells
the shape shapes
the thrall thralls
the cradle cradles
the keep keeps
the ground grounds
the voice voices
the shaft shafts
the rest rests
the tryst trysts
the there theres
the the thes

Thursday, July 19, 2012

ars polemica

elision's field

who        in heaven
I would as          go
between art & lief

perhaps because although of maybe
second life as thou be a tress

Monday, July 16, 2012

5x fasten

essential & so forth, essential are essentials upon essentials, this essential & not that essential; essentialities, because essence & chill, these are essential, essentially

Thursday, July 5, 2012

manifelt density

the unweighed
read: ennui'd
life is not worth

so quick bright things

writers and allegoricians

 Godpart & parcel, O my Arithmect

and life in the universe. as a man on a camel. practically jumped off. the multinational historic. milestone ideas, beyond the. the nature of reality. in our field. the wee hours. of a curious species. their origins. a dark universe. a rock-concert. something very much like it. a rendezvous with destiny and symmetrical laws. from flaws or breaks in that symmetry. field, a cosmic molasses. wading through. a bill going through Congress. our hands like moonlight. neither atoms nor life. gravitational scaffolding. more to the story. around the corner. Internet buzz. as breakneck analysis. is the gold standard in. stick out my neck. like mountains from the sea. an incredible thing. the “goddamn particle". a ring of discoveries. dealt a complex hand. that will. Now some fun

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

| to be |

"The tradition has always been that you may more or less describe the things that happen you imagine them of course but you more or less describe the things that happen but nowadays everybody all day long knows what is happening and so what is happening is not really interesting." - Gertrude Stein 1936


"The closed parenthesis reads: the dead bury the dead,
and it is not very interesting." - Charles Olson 1946


"It's the peculiarity of the literary man to hold forth about his own nature, to become mired in a mess of contradictions: clear-sighted and despairing, solitary yet at one with others, making fine phrases out of his bad conscience, etc. It's been going on for quite a few years now and has begun to be profitable. But all things considered I've never found it very interesting." - Georges Perec 1972

Sunday, July 1, 2012

irreversible comma

semblablebubblebabelblahblehblundersomesemperphilokilocompadrecomacommacomestibletemperateblessinglessonslesseningloosenglisteningglisteringblisteringglasshasteningchasteningfasteningfashioningchaperoningchagrinblitheringblastingballastingbatteringbatterybuttressingbreakagescheherazadingbramblebeleagueringbastionsupbraidingbologna, low fat