Thursday, July 5, 2012

writers and allegoricians

 Godpart & parcel, O my Arithmect

and life in the universe. as a man on a camel. practically jumped off. the multinational historic. milestone ideas, beyond the. the nature of reality. in our field. the wee hours. of a curious species. their origins. a dark universe. a rock-concert. something very much like it. a rendezvous with destiny and symmetrical laws. from flaws or breaks in that symmetry. field, a cosmic molasses. wading through. a bill going through Congress. our hands like moonlight. neither atoms nor life. gravitational scaffolding. more to the story. around the corner. Internet buzz. as breakneck analysis. is the gold standard in. stick out my neck. like mountains from the sea. an incredible thing. the “goddamn particle". a ring of discoveries. dealt a complex hand. that will. Now some fun

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