Monday, December 10, 2012


slit silt stil (list

hail take your shoes
you're tracking oblivion
all through the house
welter of parchment
paper see & probable whist
well while you war
singe protracts querulous
titles for being little
they'd better will & albeit
far from we if
that's all you get it's
all you get maybe all that you
get's it if that that
that meted out-measure
mattered if
if if & its it wore prettier
habits to sit on
spindly caste minding even
such such were the ploys
halved & to whole hell
uneven evening tripe
a spot unripened callus a
small wafer bewavering pier
is it us come to this
it is pare all's
all well is well, is hail
through the house

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