Tuesday, December 9, 2014


whatever object they were describing each object is stated a description after the object and that they help us describe objects better the ways we describe objects believes that all objects need maintenance there is dirt on the objects saying that objects are necessary stories not at all about the objects "More" and "Objects"; category of descriptive objects and their descriptions "Objects" "Food" and "Rooms" In Objects, I read each object was able to further interpret each object "Objects" becomes  women being objectified by men author is describing tangible objects saying this object means this these monotonous objects and descriptions of everyday objects behave toward inanimate, mundane objects as if these objects are intent personality traits, and object characteristics to things entirely irrelative to the object being described the character and significance of each object entirely different from the object  audience to understand objects that clearly describe objects in her world a new way to look at the objects that they see colors when describing the objects, using red spoutings of description of objects intermixed with the object being talked about trying to make of all objects only objects perceived by the description of everyday objects attempting to examine and describe objects and without naming the object to examine and reexamine commonplace objects until she describes objects such as  these extravagant paragraphs on the object between the object to look at these objects  to pick certain object or words that then with the object that precedes them the objects that she perceives as being objects, both to break up the monotony of everyday objects and ordinary objects that make up how these common objects are the object of completely random mundane objects disassociated with the objects after some level of familiarity with the object described

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