Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poem four

into the great wide

I come from a placing. up & away tree light that sun bark. we run the plane runs is it a race on your mark. wing manned. clouds of visibility belowing. someone said there was a cause another said they'd never left no one did. sheets pulled to. I'm the last bastion not of safety but offence. a word in the land birthed too in the gush. trampoline into remiss. this is terrence stuff. ginger root pulled from the wreck's body. let them wait outside. we wouldn't put curtains no one would just be allowed to look. because in the concourse. fear of the once-born quills loosen flapping molts. everyone makes generalizations um. real or perceived threats to passenger safety all well. gazed agave. be confident but don't think you're worth it. out by the roots. hair cuts skin across the pull my yes for you is like. shadow of the clouds burns the land in hush. you like her enough you'd possess her don't. zero visibility pulls to well all he wanted was. one said another says the ear gums up with too much inner. never get sick why now eye shuts think sea another said the will to. phone switch to plane mode tower of reception I am. suspension of relief the will to be possessed or land. where this is you won't be a way to say. pulling. if I have to die make it in the morning made it. there was a cause. write in thought before waking that I'm acknowledge. come back over. up & then away I come. please don't be unless & all's well that isn't.

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