Saturday, April 7, 2012

Poem six


for us to see for us       does chasing does       in the forest forest       does it does it       mean we are mean       to seas fluorescent       the scent & flower the       thanks in the way       we are in the way       easy does it does       for us in the forest       will floor us will       mean we are we       the seas for us       to see for us       to scent for us       too mean meaning too       much makes much       to thank & think to       chase it does it easy       to say for us to say


mint juleps
pulling ardent
leeway little
lady get
long little
lint belly
sure ligature
leave alone
listen off
let ago
lept & bound
put layaway
on & on
garden scalp
gashed green
running red
leading lady
gin & ginger
walks away
burning brash
asunder staple

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