Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poems eight, nine, ten

Three ways of listening at Wang Wei
Homophonic translations into English of the pinyin Chinese transliterated from Wang Wei's poem "鹿柴" (c. 8th century), inspired by Weinberger & Paz's 19 Ways of Looking at Wang Wei.

luge aye
conscionable genre, rend
on when wren, ye song,
fondle jingling russian, lent
for joking tension
huge eye
cone sham, imbue sun red,
an oven wrench, you sang
fending mineral shame, lean
fuchsial contortion
shy Lou
cunt john beau john, rent
down whether in use, anger
fans, gingering rouge leaf
or jowl king, asian

"Phonemic similarity is sensed as semantic relationship. The pun... reigns over poetic art, and whether its rule is absolute or limited, poetry by definition is untranslatable." -Roman Jakobson

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