Monday, April 2, 2012

Poem two

ex machina

patient's hallucinations concerning       en el tiempo       approx. date of occurrence       página de       time of day       el dia       sex of pt.       he wanted to be understood       age       rhythms acronymic       education       has the correct pronunciation       diagnosis       in relation to survival hypothesis       sedation and/or other medication       el correo         approx. temperature       borrowing time       what was pt.'s state of consciousness       orthographical variants rather       did pt. understand questions & make proper replies       strain minimal       did patient understand with difficulty       prescriptive tendency of       did pt. fail to recognize persons, communication impossible       strong beliefs they       what was pt.'s behavior indicating that a hallucinatory person had been seen       in formation       was the hallucinatory figure the pt.'s relative       attitudes vs. motives       friend       deferred manual consultation       professional or business connection       to be understood one       member of hospital staff        prestige element       how long approx. did the specific hallucination last       populations possible       did pt. mention a name       neurasthenic, my Preceptor       if so, whom       correo en el tiempo       what effect did hallucination have on pt.       terminology(-ies)       calming       proscriptive sense of the       exciting       mistaken for visitor       no apparent effect       he wanted to be understood       other       purposes in relation       how long after hallucination did the pt. die            

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